SMT Machines

1. SMT machine

  • SMT high volume PCB with high precision
  • Save material to build productions
  • Assure quality assembly with IPC standard  
  • PCB size from L50xW50mm to L510 X W460mm
  • Speed optimal assembly:36,000CPH(0.1sec/CHIP Equivalent)
  • Accuracy assembly:  +/-0.03mm/CHIP
  • Mount chips : 0.6 x 0.3mm(0201 inch) to 32*mm
  • Quantity of reels : 120 types(Max, 8mm tape reel conversion)
  • Pressure:0.45MPa
  • Using electronic feeders
  • Speed up SMT
  • Auto change nozzle
  • Silkscreen auto 

2.  Reflow Oven 

  • Reflow for all SMT productions
  • Preposing heating wire to heat, pressure-charged forced convection hot air system, directly driven by high-temperature motor, inverter for blower speed adjustment
  • 8 heating zones, 16 heating modules (8 located upper/8 located lower), Independent temperature control and switch
  • High efficient pressure-charged blower forced cooling
  • Programming  flexible profile based on productions
  • Temperature setup to 1200 degree .
  • Stable operation at long time
  • The entire temperature performances index complies with IPC industry standard