Year 2000 Milestone

1997: Founded in Toy business for US market with production in China.
1999: Vietnam factory was set up in November. Starting as Sub-contractor for M/A Com.
2001: Japan market started (Educational toys for school)
2002: Developed Automatic Welding Machine to replace hand soldering for better efficiency
2003: ISO 9001 approved at Vietnam factory & 80% of RF product was manufactured by welding
2005:Production in China factory was transformed to outsource strategy.
2006: Obtained 8 patents for our Welding Machine & Awards granted by the Chinese Manufacturing  Association of HongKong. Started marketing of our Welding machine in China and Japan
2007: ISO 14000 approved at Vietnam factory and introduced 6- Sigma
2009: Successfully designed Air coils series and offered to the market.
2011: Introduced LEAN manufacturing in Vietnam factory.
2012: Started production for Skyworks RF Product.
2014/2015: Started manufacturing for Trans- Tech Ferrite Core product.
2016: Successfully developed Micro Inductor RF application.