Coil Inductor

 1. Air Coil Inductors

  • The coil is used for electronic applications.
  • Y2K coils are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility.
  • The leads are soldering coated for reliable soldering.
  • Standard or Custom made option
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • High Performance, Low Cost
  • Miniature Scale.
  • Suitable for High frequency applications.
  • Maximum Q.
  • Easy Bonding and low sensitivity against humidity.


2. Micro Inductors

  • Broadband and high frequency.
  • Bias Tee Circuits.
  • Optical transmitter / receiver.
  • Radio frequency equipment.
  • Frequency operation: 500KHZ - 40GHz.
  • Low insertion loss.
  • Excellent Return Loss.
  • Replace multiple inductors in series.