Assembly machine

1. Electronic Solder

  • Products designedby the Year's engineers are licensed for industrial property  and patents.
  • Applicascion forthe electronicsfield with high automation
  • Ensure quality andreduce costs for productions
  • Low volt rate operating 1-2 V
  • High power 1000W
  • Small styles and flexible setup and change to build production
  • The microscope is high-resolution 20X-40X to view ultra-small footprints and precision welding operation.

2. Cutting Machine

  • Cutting automatic
  • Cutting variable wire types
  • High volume and accuracy productions
  • Supply to full productions

3. Air Coil Machine

  • Building these air coils based on IPC
  • Application for ratio frequency circuit and minimum loss 
  • Building lead coils with coplanar surface
  • Building variable type coils and easy assembly to PCB
  • High speed up and save cost

4. Other atomatic machines