Visual Inspection Machines

1. Measurement projector


  • Measure incoming materials
  • Call out small material to micrometer
  • Measure  exactly 2D/3D material
  • Measure various types of precision industry

  • Accuracy:  ≤(3+L/200)um
  • Total Magnification:  30-190X
  • Scale Resolution:  0.001mm
  • Camera : TEO 1 / 2 Color CCD Camera
  • Lens magnification : 0.7~4.5X       WD:92mm

2. AOI machine

  • Visual inspection with high volume and accuracy
  • Detect quickly for visual fault
  • Optical inspection equipment with RGBW four color light source
  • With the function of poor distribution, DPPM Variation analysis and current poor point information checking
  • Two different PCB inspected at the same time, flexible supplying two different production lines
  • Via the integration of different color channel, get visualized and convenient programming, have higher detection rate and lower, stable misinformation.

3. X-RAY Machine

  • BGA , CSP , LED , Flip Chip , semiconductor
  • Pin Industry , small casting metal
  • Electronic connection module
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Application other industries
  • Image intensifier with 2 mega pixels CCD camera
  • Motion controls include: ±60° tilt motion, X/Y table motion plus Z axis tube and detector movement.
  • Multi-function DXI image processing system
  • X/Y programming function for multiple image inspection routines
  • Max loading area 510mm x 420mm with ~ 300 X system magnifications.
  • Auto-measurement plus report generation.

4. RoSH Tester(XRF)

  • Test RoHS-Plastic
  • Test RoHS-Aluminum
  • Test RoHS-Metal
  • Test RoHS- Solder
  • RoSH test 6 of 6
  • Process exactly and quickly data
  • Test plating complex
  • Export excel and pdf format report
  • Power rate 275W/h.